Zoe Chait


In Providenza, Zoe worked on the script of her new film titled North of Somewhere :

“Seven years ago, on another mountain in the Mediterranean, I met a young woman living in the forest whose story inspired me to quit my job and leave the world I knew. Only after years of filming with Liesbeth, did I come to see how my life mirrored hers. What began as a documentary portrait of one woman is now a narrative film about the two of our stories: how we sought ourselves and lost ourselves in the process, how we became isolated while connecting, how we experienced deep love as well as disorienting manipulation, how we lived wild in nature but returned to cities. Seeking to know, and then once again, seeking the unknown.”

Zoe Chait

Zoe is a photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles. Her practice is marked by the extensive periods of time she spends with her chosen subjects: intimately observing how familial history, societal structures, culture, and spirituality inform our subconscious motivations. Her work questions how our internal landscapes shape our relationships and ultimately determine the coursing of our lives.

For more information on her work, visit Zoe's website here.