Emmanuel Gras & Antoine Viviani


In September 2021, Emmanuel Gras joins Antoine Viviani in Providenza for a residency dedicated to a common documentary project.

They used their time together to experiment strange camera points of views and self-made cameras as well as the staging of supernatural apparitions in nature.

Tests and footage have given birth to the development of new projects still under development.

Antoine Viviani

Antoine Viviani is a filmmaker. He has directed several feature documentaries such as In Situ and In Limbo, which have been awarded at festivals such as IDFA, CPH:Dox, Open City London. He has also created installations such as Solastalgia (with PA Giraud) which went at Sundance Film Festival and the short film Every eyelid is a dome which was screened at La Mostra di Venezia. He is the founder of Providenza.

Emmanuel Gras

Born in Cannes, France in 1976, Emmanuel Gras would later be honored at the famous film festival in his hometown at age 41 when his film Makala was chosen as the first documentary in that program's history for its International Critics Week.

Gras took a degree in history but then switched to studying cinematography at the Ecole Normale Superieure Louis Lumiere.Work at the French Cultural Center in Beirut, Lebanon led to his spending some time in the Middle East.After shooting a number of shorts and features for other directors, he began to write and film his own work, with a focus on issues of contemporary social concern.

Past residencies