Francesco Fabris


During his stay in Providenza, Francesco Fabris created a site specific immersive installation called “2120: 42°35’04.2″N 9°17’57.7″E”

In his own words : “2120: 42°35’04.2″N 9°17’57.7″E” is a single-person site-specific sound installation developed during the artistic residency Providenza 2120 in the mountain forest of Pieve (Corsica) in August 2020 and inspired by sci-fi writer Alain Damasio’s concept of “intertime”, which suggests the possibility of receiving messages from the future.

The project documents and reinterprets the soundscape of the land making use of two independent looped sound layers independently spatialized through a pair of headphones and two mono speakers in contact with the participant’s body. One can chose at the beginning of the journey through a touchscreen in which time frame to start and switch between layers with a ring-button.

The first layer aims the time compression of a full day into 20.20 minutes and represents the present soundscape of Providenza making use of unprocessed field recordings from the land. The imaginary journey starts in the early morning developing through the night into the dreamland. The second layer representing the future/past lasts 21.20 minutes and features processed field recording from the present soundscape together with artificial & sound pollution sources not detectable by our hearing: electromagnetic fields and infrasounds from soil, trees and resonating surfaces.

The present dimension is experienced only through headphones, while the future/past makes also use of an external speaker positioned over the head and allowing to perceive the electromagnetic landscapes, plus a second speaker placed on the chest and emitting low vibrations from the infrasound recordings. The immersive sound bath includes also underwater sounds originated in the water tank of the land where living forms have been growing and adapting into the intertime of Providenza.

Francesco Fabris is an Italian sound artist, composer and musician working with live electronics, sound, light and intermedia installations, AV works and recording studio productions as producer, mixer and engineer.

Based in Reykjavík since 2017 as studio head engineer, producer and musician at the legendary "Greenhouse Studios", has also been working on numerous "Bedroom Community" releases and collaborative projects for screen, stage, live and recorded mediums.

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