Hosting conditions


Post production studio A post-production studio, combining a music recording studio, a sound and image editing room, a projection room with a projector and a writing area, is available for residents who need to use special machines. Its location in a secluded area of the grounds creates a calm working environment conducive to individual or group research. Fabbrica The Fabbrica is the main workplace for the team and the residents. On the ground floor, it contains a workshop and the farming facilities. On the upper floor, a beautiful open space and several rooms containing different workstation as well as a kitchen serve as the main base for work and everyday activities.

Casa Rossa This old stone house hosts mosts of the social events and meetings and meals. It is also where the team lives and works during the residencies.

Outdoor workspaces

Different workspaces are spread out on the land near the buildings, under the trees in different locations on the terrain, always connected to electricity and wifi.

One particular workspace, near the “pool” (an old stone water tank where one can swim) is also available for sport and physical activities (yoga, gym, etc) in the morning.

An edible amphitheater, offering a panoramic view of the bay of St Florent and the sea, with seating tiers made of aromatic plants, is a unique projection site with a capacity of 100 to 120 people that can be used by residents.


Big Cabin A beautiful large cabin in the trees, perched in the trees at the edge of an evergreen oak forest, fully equipped, with its own kitchen and bathroom, can be used as a workspace or an accommodation.

Cabins Each resident has a private accommodation in the form of a small wooden hut with electricity. They are scattered around the site among the hundred-year-old chestnut trees and scrubland. Discreet and sober but comfortable, these cabins are designed like cocoons and equipped to offer both a moment of rest and quiet working sessions for the artist. The cabins have a 140 cm bed, a desk with chair, storage space, access to an electric socket and are equipped with one toilet per person, sheets and blankets.

Tiny house The yourte offers a specific and independent workspace, also fully equipped.