Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply spontaneously for a residency project ?

We don't accept spontaneous residency projects outside of the already existing calls of the residency programs. Please check first the residency pages and the different programs to see if your project is eligible to one of the residencies before sending us your project. You can always send us your project by email and we will try to reply to your email as soon as possible to guide you through the application.

Can we come to visit the land ?

There are specific moments throughout the year when the land is open to the public. From June until September, or during specific public events during the year, you can access the land to go to the restaurant A Cucina and visit the public spaces that include the amphitheater, the restaurant and the public garden. The private working zone of the land where the residents are is generally not accessible by the public. It is necessary to contact us before by email to see if it is possible to organise a visit. There are specific moments during the local workshops or residency restitutions when the private part of the land is accessible.

Are you looking for collaborations ?

You can check our job and volunteering page here and you can also send us your resume and we will keep it for new opportunities in the future.

Do you accept propositions for a concert ?

We are working closely with the local community to program a few concerts through the summer. If you feel that your project can interest us please feel free to send us documentation and we will try to answer you as soon as possible if there is an opportunity to collaborate.