Partner residencies

Providenza is a multidisciplinary residency centre located in the heart of the Haute-Corse mountains.

In addition to its main programme, which since 2018 has consisted of an annual 5-week transdisciplinary residency, Providenza hosts a number of satellite residencies in partnership with various European structures.

[La Semaine de la Critique, Next Step Volume II : Filmmaker-composer workshop]

Every year, La Semaine de la Critique, one of the main selections of the Cannes Film Festival, supports young filmmakers selected for the festival in the development of their next feature film project through its Next Step programme.

Since September 2023, Providenza and la Semaine de la Critique, in partnership with Sacem, have been organising an on-site workshop, bringing together selected filmmakers with composers and scriptwriters. This ambitious programme supports the development of independent film projects, with a particular focus on sound writing and musical composition upstream of production, still in the writing phase.

Discover the residents of September 2023.

[Communities Between Islands: Trans-Mediterranean Residencies]

In partnership with Cherimus, a Sardinian art and residency organisation and the Museo Nivola, with Archipelago Network and the Syros International Film Festival on the island of Syros, Greece, Providenza, with FRAC Corsica, is offering a programme of trans-Mediterranean residencies.

Since September 2023, groups of Mediterranean and international artists have been invited to take part in a 5-week residency programme enabling them to travel from one island to another, meeting the communities around Syros and the Cyclades islands, the Nebbiu region in Upper Corsica and the Sulcis Iglesiente region in south-west Sardinia.

They produce works of art and create workshops that are then promoted by each organisation and each island.

This is just the beginning of a project based on the conviction that we need to strengthen cultural exchanges with our neighbours and open up our horizons by reviving a trans-island dialogue that has been the cement of our Mediterranean culture for millennia.

The project is supported by Europe Creative and the European Commission.

Discover the 1st group of artists who came to Providenza in September.

[Taurus Foundation: Nebbiu, a chosen territory]

Since 2013, the Taurus Foundation has been supporting the arts and sciences in Switzerland and internationally by awarding prizes in both fields. These prizes highlight the work of artists and researchers whose work stands out for its quality and originality. In the visual arts, the prize is awarded to a contemporary photographer or video artist. In the scientific field, the Foundation supports projects and publications by researchers in palaeoanthropology and prehistory.

The Taurus Prize for the Visual Arts is awarded every two years to a contemporary artist by a committee of professionals from a chosen region.

This year the Nebbiu region was chosen, and its committee comprised Xavier Franceschi (director of the FRAC Ile de France), Juana Macari (director of the Una Volta cultural centre in Bastia), Prisca Meslier (co-founder of the Bonifacio contemporary art biennial : De Renava) and Antoine Viviani (founder and artistic director of Providenza) awarded the prize to the artist Ufuoma Essi, offering him a one-month residency at Providenza as well as the production and exhibition of his new work by the FRAC de Corse at the Una Volta cultural centre and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Ufuoma Essi: Prix Taurus 2023-2024.

[FiDLab: Providenza Prize]

FiDLab is an international film co-production platform that supports ten international film projects each year in their development phase. By accelerating co-productions, partnerships and exhibition opportunities, it is not uncommon for selected independent films, once completed, to go on to be selected at the most prestigious film festivals, such as Locarno or Berlin. In 2022, Fidlab created the Providenza prize, offering a filmmaker the opportunity to work on his or her project during a three-week residency. The winner is chosen by a dedicated jury during the Fidlab edition from all the projects selected by the Fidlab.

Winner 2022: Mira Adoumier - The night came about Winner 2023: Gregor Božič - Tales of Fruits and Monsters

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