Main Residency 2024


The jury, composed this year of Fabien Danesi, Liyo Gong, Mehdi Meklat, Natacha Delmon Casanova, and Antoine Viviani, has selected 6 international artists from among the 400 applications:

Andrès Baròn (Columbia) video art and filmmaking Cursinu Fantasma "Cursinu Fantasma is an experimental sci-fi film featuring a Cursinu dog or its spectrum, wandering through the garden of Gyre. The film presents vertiginous and colorful images of the Corsican landscape from the dog’s point of view."

Patrick Belaga (USA) music and sound arts Burned Horizon “A multidisciplinary project that seamlessly merges literature and music. The narrative traces the life of a person living in a Neolithic European settlement, grappling with severe neurodivergence and mysticism.”

Ãssia Ghendir (UK) music and sound arts A Metasomatic Study

"I wish to develop a soundscape which both reflects my research and will act as the sonic universe for my next recorded sonic project. My central research interest lies in exploring the parallels between geological composition and my devotional vocal practice, typically an improvised response to a collaborator or a field recording from a natural landscape."

Jehane Mahmoud(Egypt/France) video art and filmmaking Aya et Djibril

"During Providenza, I plan to complete the writing of Aya et Djibril, a medium-length fiction film that recounts the Marseillese’ epics of two children who meet in the world of dreams and try to unravel ancestral mysteries."

Baya Medhaffar(Tunisia/France) video art and filmmaking Tale of the children of darkness

"Gaza has become the heart of the world. From its network of tunnels, where the resistance is organized, the children of darkness fight against the only existing lights, those of the bombs. They sing. Hope is here. The tale prevails over science fiction."

Mattea Riu (Corsica) writing and sound arts Saetta è chjuchjulere

"I want to work on questions of belonging to the territory and to Corsican culture, through different objects and registers. Part of my work will be devoted to collecting testimonies from women who participated in Corsican feminist movements from the 1960s onwards, and create some sound pieces out of these recordings."

The residency will take place from May 27th to July 1st. You will have the opportunity to discover their works at the end of June during the annual festival of presentation.