A Cucina Restaurant

A Cucina, aka a cucina di u Ghjuncheto, is Providenza's farm restaurant.

It was created in 2018 as a café where the local community could also buy vegetables, fruits, and snacks, and in 2022 it became a proper restaurant with the participation of Napolitan chef Maddalena Spagnolo.

A Cucina is open from June until September every year. It offers a creative, generous and a plant-based menu with the products of the farm as well as local producers from the valley. It is also open to other chefs in residency.

Located at the entrance of the property, where you can also find all the info about the general project (residency programs, courses and workshops) and attend cultural events such as screenings, concerts, etc.

Booking and accessibility

For booking inquiries, please drop us an email on cucina@providenza.cc or reserve a table by contacting us on +33 788 778 360

You can find us on Google Maps here