About Providenza

Providenza is an agri-cultural project and studio space in the mountains of Corsica, located in the area originally called the Ghjuncheto.

It is designed to inspire and produce new works at the intersection of arts and sciences, nurtured by a powerful living environment, with a natural focus on sounds and images.

Founded by filmmaker Antoine Viviani, who decided to transform an abandoned family farming land by putting it back into production in 2015, it is now a hybrid space, evolving throughout the year: a private studio for a small community of artists, a laboratory for experimenting and learning through a program of courses and workshops with international pioneer artists, as well as a shared open space for residency programs built with European partners.

Concurrently, the farming activity develops its own cycle throughout the year, with fruits and vegetable gardening allowing the opening of its own restaurant in the summer.

The different activities all connect together through the production of a series of events, a Festival as well as other specific manifestations.


  • Antoine Viviani, founder and artistic director
  • Aurélien Dufour-Ettori, administrative and production coordinator
  • Natacha Delmon-Casanova, artistic accompaniment
  • Bernard Russie, field manager
  • Baptiste Loutrel, market gardener
  • Doriane Bouisset, communications manager

Practical Informations

Providenza is located between the villages of Pieve and Rapale in Northern Corsica. The restaurant the Cucina and the gardens are open to the public from wednesday to sunday on the afternoons and evenings from June to September. A series of courses and workshops are also open to the public throughout the year : you can check the current programme here. Other cultural events are announced on this page. We regularly open a volunteering call. Please note that we do not offer accommodation outside of the courses, residency or volunteering programs.


Providenza is supported by the Collettivittà di Corsica as a Fabbrica Culturale, by the French Ministry of the Cohésion des Territoires as a Fabrique des Territoires, and by the European Commission.


For press inquiries and general information, please send us an email at contact@providenza.cc Postal address: Providenza, Lieu-dit Ghuncheto, 20246 Pieve France (See map)

"Cu l'orti e cu l'arti, cultivemu a nostra liberta"