Alain Damasio


After having written many of his books in Corsica, Alain Damasio returned on the Island to join the Providenza 2120 residency program. He spent his time there imagining the future of the land, its community and its surroundings, writing texts and experimenting with a pirate radio that aired for a couple days between Pieve and Nonza.

His work culminated into a performance for the restitution of the residency for which he worked with every artist on the scenery of their installation, explored in a walk as if they were seen from the future. The time he spent there allowed collaborations with sculptors Thomas Teurlai and Anthonin Hako for new projects.

Alain Damasio is a French writer of sci-fi and fantasy. He also works as a scriptwriter for comics, radio fictions, movie and TV series. He is also notable as an audio and spoken word artist.

Past residencies