Nicolas Becker & Samantha Caldato


French sound designer and musician Nicolas Becker and Brazilian cook and gardener Samantha Caldato have joined the 2018 Providenza residency to work on the design of some of the facilities of the project.

Nicolas focused on designing Providenza music studio and thinking about its equipment. Samantha designed the edible amphitheater of Providenza where our film festival La Simana takes place today.

Nicolas Becker is one of the most sought-after foley artists, sound designers and composers in the world. He tries to find an original process for each film, putting forward a uniquely creative reasoning in order to obtain very special material.

He has collaborated with filmmakers including Roman Polanski, David Cronenberg, Inarritu, Andrea Arnold and Danny Boyle, as well as with contemporary artists and musicians such as Philippe Parreno, Arca, Patti Smith, etc.

In 2021 he received an Oscar for Best Sound for the film Sound of Metal.

Samantha de Lucena Caldato was born and raised in Brasil and has been living around the world for the last 25 years of her life setting home with her family in Los Angeles, CA.

She is a Graduated from ICE - Institute of Culinary Education in Culinary in Plant-base Cooking and a Master's Degree in Agroecology and Foods Sovereignty at UNISG. Samantha founded Paisagismo Comestível, an edible urban garden design initiative in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and has been performing and doing in-situ installations connecting food, practices of care and bio-music.

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