Main Residency 2023


Providenza is a residency located in the middle of nature in the North Corsican mountains. It is a multidisciplinary laboratory that intersects the arts and sciences while bringing together international, Corsican, and Mediterranean artists and researchers.

Its core program consists, since 2018, of an annual transdisciplinary residency immersed in nature, while other residency programs take place in partnership with other European institutions.

This programme takes place once a year, with one session in June (and possibly at the end of summer).

2023 residency : June 5 to 24 and September 1 to 21.

During a three-weeks session, Providenza's main residency program welcomes between eight and twelve residents whose projects question our contemporary world. The program focuses on visual and sound creations in various forms, particularly in those in connection with the living enviroment and Mediterranean cultures or that explore the interactions between nature and technology, but also remains open to any other type of project.

Priority is given to projects that would particularly benefit from time spent working on the land.

The international residents are selected by a jury of transdisciplinary experts. The program is for both established international artists and young emerging artists. A few places are reserved at each session for young Corsican artists who are eager to learn from more experienced foreign artists.

In some cases, selected residents who are not available during the month of June may be able to come to the site during the month of September when other residency programs are taking place.

Each resident has private accommodation, in the form of a small hut under a chestnut tree, fully equipped, as well as permanent access to the site's infrastructures, including a music and post-production studio, various outdoor work spaces, indoor work rooms, sanitary facilities, a pool, a sauna, etc.

Residents are also invited for a few hours a week to take part in certain collective tasks of the farm or the project. At the end, the residency invites the grand public to view the works made either on site or in Bastia.

Being a deliberately broad playing ground, the priority of this program is to share a unique and joyful spirit of encounters. Cultivated for several years outside of any conventional format, we believe its hybridity can allow the emergence of new artistic forms.

This year, we are pleased to welcome :

  • Amosphère : “Circle of Existence”, Musical composition (CHN) A research and experimentation project focused on the exploration of myths, beliefs, rituals, and stories among the local inhabitants and land of Corsica.
  • Cherry B Diamond : “Cyborg Phil4rmonic”, Musical composition (FR) A composition exploring the probable sequences of scores where they fuse augmented instruments to create an immersive, introspective experience. Like a sonic alchemist, Cherry B weaves mysterious melodies that envelop listeners, inviting them into a state of contemplative relaxation.
  • Léa Bismuth : “Astral meditation”, Philosophy, essay (FR) Her future book is an astral meditation between contemporary art and philosophy. In an essay currently being written, she tries to rethink our relationship to the Cosmos today. She defends the idea of a political emancipation here below, by the study of stars, from the socialist thinker Auguste Blanqui (Eternity by the stars, 1871).
  • Pierre-Antoine Casanova : “Bot_02”, Multimedia and AI installation (CO) This project uses AIs and cameras to give the ability to create poems to inanimate objects.
  • Zoe Chait : “North of Somewhere”, Film & photography (USA) "Seven years ago, on another mountain in the Mediterranean, I met a young woman living in the forest whose story inspired me to quit my job and leave the world I knew. Only after years of filming with Liesbeth, did I come to see how my life mirrored hers. What began as a documentary portrait of one woman is now a narrative film about the two of our stories: how we sought ourselves and lost ourselves in the process, how we became isolated while connecting, how we experienced deep love as well as disorienting manipulation, how we lived wild in nature but returned to cities. Seeking to know, and then once again, seeking the unknown."
  • Alistair Debling : “Holy Cow”, Film (UK) An hybrid fiction and documentary work which uses conflicting accounts of the life of Jeanne d’Arc as cues for telling the story of a retired dairy cow, sold at auction for meat in Cumbria, UK.
  • Dorian Jespers and Omar Guzman : “Loynes”, Film (BEL/MEX) A kafkaesque courtroom drama, set in 19th-century Liverpool, which recounts the trial of a corpse that has neither name nor past, and where dozens of people have gathered for this absurd ceremony.
  • Manon Jouniaux, Litterature (FR) First, there's Anita, chef of the premises. Then there are the women: Sophie, Azalée, Miriam, Cléo, Caroline, Livia, Antonia. They work, they love each other, they drink. Their words mingle with older ones contained in the walls. Finally, there are their children. The younger ones play, the older ones wonder. The men have disappeared. In the chestnut grove lost in the middle of nowhere, a new world appears.
  • Joel Kuennen : “Laser Floating Time Zone”, Visual arts (USA) Research, shoot, and edit for a multimedia installation on the materiality of time based off 90 hours of footage they gathered during the Enter the Hyperscientific Residency at The Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) in 2022. There, they worked with physicists Arnaud Magret and Yong Liu to grow olivine single crystals using the Laser Floating Zone method.
  • Eva Moari : Scholie d'une ode à l'inachevé, Installation (FR) "hypertrophier l’objet par la poésie, entre autres, dans le langage du fil. broder ou modeler l’essence, la substance, le rêve. ne pas parfaire et offrir le dénouement aux heureux qui songent."
  • Louise Mootz : “Names”, Film (FR) Louise completes the editing of her new documentary series titled “Names,” while also creating the music for it. Each episode focuses on an individual whom she has listened to, observed, and who has sparked a certain admiration within her. In the meantime, she attempts to complete the screenplay for a fictional series titled VIBRE.
  • Isadora Pedro Neves Marques : “DNA at the Speed of Light”, Film (PRT) The Earth receives a message from an alien planet, proof that we are not alone in the universe. At that exact moment, Lourdes and Lana decide to pause their struggling relationship. DNA at the Speed of Light is a film about the mundanity of daily life in the face of world-changing events.
  • Joseph Schiano di Lombo : “Grotesques”, Musical composition (FR) Joseph takes advantage of the natural setting of the residency to continue composing his next musical work, a suite of intuitive ritual dances from the depths of a cave. Between myth and stalagmites, mainstream and underground, ritual and entertainment, this research will combine the contemporary resources of electronic music with the timbres of ancient instruments, with particular attention to costume, movement and scenography. A return to the underworld, to the roots of art and spirituality, awakening fantastic visions and new ways of seeing the world on its surface.

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