Festival 2017


Still untitled, the secret festival had its second edition, with the same rules: every night, one of the guests had to propose a staged event, which could be the screening of a film, a concert, an installation.

The festival ended with a procession. The wooden cinema screens that had been used during the week we brought to the village, where the bells of the church rang to annonce a screening and a bal.


2017- with Alicia Harrisson, Élise Florenty & Marcel Turkowsky, Sara Rastegar, Laurie Lassale, Lea Todorov, Kalliste, Jean-Baptiste Chiaroni, Charlotte de Mezamat, Aurelia Morali, Valentine Perrin Morali et Christophe Berlet, Laurence Cornet, Gaia Squarci, Laurence Raymond, Raphael Henard, Tommy Davies, Aliocha

Catalogue & Programme TBA

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