Pierre Antoine Casanova


“In Providenza, with my project Bot_02 I used AI and differents cameras in an attempt to generate poems to inanimate objects."

"The whole project, based on the ability of an initial program to record a video stream and analyze it in real time, worked very well in the city: from a street, the camera recognized the bench, the dog, the tree clearly and distinctly, but when I arrived at the site of the residence, the artificial intelligence's ability to understand its surroundings was cancelled out by the sheer quantity of information; the program was unable to discern the slightest individual element in a whole: from a forest the camera recognized only a plant, from a stretch of scrubland it sometimes recognized a beach, or a huge rock.

All the computing power of my AIs was unable to tell the difference between an oak tree and a chestnut tree, and it's obvious that an oak tree and a chestnut tree don't have the same stories to tell. I quickly put this problem aside to concentrate on researching how humans relate to the landscape around them, and how their observations (and tribulations across the land) have led to the writing of stories, legends, tales and poems. But no matter. A mountain is still a mountain, whether it's in the city or in Providenza, and my AIs understand this. Here are two short texts written by the mountains surrounding the residence :"

___"Rain fell from a tree

Tears from my eyes

My love

And in my heart I sing, as I used to in her grief

"Why did you love me? What did I give her?"

I sing a song to the stars

That fills the sky."___

___"I'm the top of a distant mountain.

It's the only thing I know. I'm going to die here.

Now I want to see and hear the truth.

It would be all right if the world were at your fingertips, so that

easy to remember your own life.

And then I'll do what's best for the kids.

You've done a great job. You're someone I've known for years, someone who, by nature, speaks her mind with unusual calm.

But this time, I wanted to have you, the real person.

And I've reached a point in my life where I've done nothing but try to find out and keep doing the same thing."___

Pierre Antoine Casanova

A 23-year-old artist living between Nice (Villa Arson) and Piedigriggio in Corsica. His work is poetic, bringing together experiments with AI, 3d animations and short films.