Courses and workshops

Providenza offers a transmission program for the local community, and especially children and young people in the region, through workshops during the school year.

We are also developing a series of weekly-long courses during which international pioneers share their experience and know-how with a dozen learners in the fields of visual arts, music, writing and science.

Local community workshops

Providenza wants to be an interface with the local community, especially towards younger generations, raising awareness to the beauty of nature and promoting various and experimental art forms. All year-long we offer a series of workshops and classes dedicated to the discovery of cinema and nature.

Discoveries of the nature

A series of regular workshops open to children and classes from the region are held every week, on wednesdays and saturdays, starting in the fall 2022, by trainer and distiller Emmanuelle Chauvon.

These nature discovery classes are oriented towards the children but also open to a wider public eager to know more about local ecosystem, endemic plants and their uses etc. in a playful way.

More information and inscriptions to the workshops here.

Cinema and art workshop with previous residents

Driven by the will to set up a cultural offer which combines local and international in Corsica, Providenza now wishes to widen its field of action with the young public in a concern of sharing and sensitizing with the artistic creation.

A specific programme of workshops with ancient or current residents, focused on cinema and art films, will be developed in 2023 with partnered schools part of the priority education network in Bastia region and in partnership with the Casa Conti in Oletta.

For more information on this action, please contact Camille Vaillier on


Providenza is a place for extraordinary encounters. Believing new forms, new ideas, new genres can emerge only from uncommon situations, we want to offer a series of week-long courses immersed in nature in the land of Providenza with internationally acclaimed partitioners, artists and scientists.

Therefore, we are developing several weeks of masterclasses in this unique setting to create privileged moments between renowned artists or scientists and learners from around the world.

Limited to a groupe a 12 people, these courses are five days long and the price will include accommodation and meals. Each resident will be accommodated with a private and fully equipped cabin under a tree.

Each course will be different and tailor-made. Full access will be allowed to all the facilites on the site.

The program is currently under construction and will be announced in the course of 2023, depending on the availability of performers and the progress of the development works on the site.

Other courses