Providenza accompanies films and other art works and projects that have been initiated or infused with the land and its community.

Still in development, the Providenza label aims to accompany, coproduce and support films, music pieces and other art or community-related projects that have born in the land or are nurtured by its community.

Several projects are already part of the Providenza eco-system. Here is a selection of them

Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, Watch the fire or burn inside it (2022)

In Corsica, a woman chooses to heal the Earth by burning it.

This short film has been shot during the Providenza annual residency in 2021. Other musician residents Pan Daijing as well as Bendik Giske are filmed playing music on the land.

It was premiered at Locarno Film Festival in 2021.

Joshua Bonnetta, Echo

A feature-length documentary and multi-channel installation which explores animal consciousness through the ultrasonic echolocating world of bats and the fieldwork of biologists who seek to understand and preserve them. In production.

Joshua Bonnetta started shooting in Corsica during as a resident of the annual program in 2021 and is planning to continue production in Corsica.