Lola Gonzalez


In July 2018, video artist Lola Gonzalez joined the Providenza residency.

She filmed some inhabitants of Pieve as well as some other residents, asking them to invent a new language.

Each film Lola Gonzàlez produces, makes the next one up. The complete set portrays an obsession, as dreams that'd never cease to return night after night, affecting day-time as well. The apparent lightness emerging from her first "buddy movies" has disappeared in favor of a desire that's more open to the world. Not unlike magical rituals, Lola Gonzàlez's films open on those young people facing outward, toward the landscape. Are they able to see a sign out there, they'll all read into in the same fashion? Each time, a deeply moving synchronicity sets in, creating a situation where communication channels through the bodies that brush by or voluntarily touch one another. Lola Gonzàlez was born in 1988, she lives in Angoulême (FR). She graduated from the Lyon School of Fine Arts in 2012. Since then, she has shown her work at IAC Villeurbanne (FR); Kunstverein Sparkasse, Leipzig (DE); Centre Pompidou (Hors-Pistes Festival); Salon de Montrouge (FR); La Galerie/ Noisy-le-sec Art Center (FR); Belvedere 21, Wien (AT); the Contemporary Art Museum in Lyon; Basis, Frankfurt (DE); Le Crédac-art center in Ivry-sur-Seine (FR); Le 19-art center in Montbéliard (FR) and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (IE). She was a resident at Villa Medici in Rome in 2018/2019.

Past residencies