Semaine de la critique : Next Step Volume II


Next Step Volume II - Semaine de la critique

For the past 10 years, La Semaine de la Critique has been supporting the directors of short films selected for La Semaine de la Critique at the key moment when they begin work on their first feature film. The workshop takes place every year at the Moulin d'Andé and in Paris in December.

During the workshop, filmmakers have the opportunity to discuss their project with international experts and professional consultants (producers, distributors, filmmakers, scriptwriters), to get advice on their script, understand the reality of the film market and define an appropriate development strategy. They also meet with composers, who advise them and raise their awareness of the challenges of film music, and the need to think about music right from the start of their project.

To continue supporting Next Step promotions, La Semaine de la Critique is launching its second workshop, Next Step Volume II, with the support of SACEM and in partnership with Providenza.

A second workshop where script writing and film music creation come together.

This purposefully hybrid workshop is the opportunity for 5 international filmmakers and 3 composers to meet around the vital stage of script rewriting. Directors will spend a week to rework their script and work on score composition with the help of consultants and experts. They will also be encouraged to think about their score very early on, as an integral part of the script, and a rich artistic counterpoint.