Joseph Schiano di Lombo


In Providenza, Joseph takes advantage of the natural setting of the residency to continue composing his next musical work, a suite of intuitive ritual dances from the depths of a cave. Between myth and stalagmites, mainstream and underground, ritual and entertainment, this research will combine the contemporary resources of electronic music with the timbres of ancient instruments, with particular attention to costume, movement and scenography. A return to the underworld, to the roots of art and spirituality, awakening fantastic visions and new ways of seeing the world on its surface.

Joseph Schiano di Lombo

Joseph is a musician, visual artist and writer born in 1991 in Chambéry, France. He lives and works in Pantin, France.

After training as a pianist and clarinettist at the Conservatoire (CRR) de Chambéry and the École normale de musique de Paris, he graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Paris in 2017 (printed image sector) with honors. He then used his drawing to escape from figuration.

In 2021, he published his first novel (“L'Oxymore”) with éditions B42, in collaboration with graphic designer Fanette Mellier, and released his first album (“Musique de niche”) with Cracki Records. He has performed his music live at the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique, the Saint-Eustache church, the Gaîté Lyrique, the Maison de la poésie in Paris and at the Signe, Centre national du graphisme in Chaumont.

As a performer, he has collaborated on stage with Eartheater and the performer PRICE at the Bourse de Commerce, with the performer Boï as part of the Soirées nomades at the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art contemporain and with the artist Jeanne Vicerial as part of her solo exhibition at the Magasins Généraux in Pantin (curated by Anna Labouze and Keimis Henni).

For more information on his work, visit Joseph's website here.