Like many others, we measure the issues of our time. As well as, globally, for the survival of our species and as, locally, for the development and preservation of our island, we make the same observation. We need to find another connection to the earth : a viable, joyful and inspiring one. Without dwelling on the well-known problems of the dominant modes of production and consumption of our society, we decide, like many other similar projects around the world, to focus only on the solutions. Because of its situation, its culture, Corsica could be an exceptional laboratory to try to explore the issues of our time. Now that we know that we live in the anthropocene, that nature doesn’t exist in itself as opposed to us but that we are part of it, we need to experiment other ways of creating meaning, values, producing food, ideas, forms of arts, politics. We need to find new agricultural, economic, cultural, accounting, management, political tools and models. Modestly, as a collective project, we wish to participate in the development of such a laboratory in Corsica, connected to other similar experiences in the world. Cu l’orti e cu l’arti, cultivemu a nostra liberta. E avventeremu i mundi.


Let’s regain our energy autonomy, the true independence, thanks to this land. Let it inspire ourselves to produce everything that can feed us. The Providenze laboratory is born from this desire. It has three main activities :

A farm – We are putting back into production an abandoned agricultural land, the Ghjunchetu, in the Haut-Nebbiu region, in Corsica. Using the ideas from permaculture, this experimental farm produces a little bit of everything, in a viable and sustainable way. We distribute all year round to the local community these fresh products through direct distribution, but also processed culinary, medicinal and cosmetic products, in a point of sale that we built in the land with a café and a small restaurant. Finally, we organize training and meetings sessions to transmit the practices and knowledge we are acquiring to the general public.

An artistic, cultural and scientific laboratory, deeply rooted in the local territory but internationally connected. We are developing a multidisciplinary artistic residency program throughout the year: accelerate the development of cinema project with the organisation of international writing workshops and, the creation of a cinema and music post-production facility isolated in nature, the conception of contemporary art projects that question our relationship to nature in a dedicated studio, as well as a music recording studio and a literature residency. In consequence, we want to develop a cluster of artists within a European network. Develop also a scientific research activity, a theoretical one on the ecological transition in Corsica and the study of life in our immediate environment, but also new protocols for a ‘live medicine’, etc.  All these activities are hosted in a co-working space, where we also share tools and resources for the local community, with a documentation center. It is a living tiers lieu, anchored in our time and in its territory, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Finally, all year long, we present events and a cultural program in our edible amphitheater, the Scennina , with shows, conferences, screenings, etc.

In the long run, we want to develop in Corsica a network of multidisciplinary laboratories which will each have their specificity, in different regions ( one arts-focused, a health-focused, a new pedagogical center, etc.), and develop them within a network international.

For more information, please consult this presentation (in French). Or feel free to contact us.


Produce food,

films, fruits and ideas,

and cultivate our freedom