The multidisciplinary summer residency


A Simana di a Providenza


Every summer, since July 2016, the land hosts a multidisciplinary week of residency, bringing together foreign artists of international scope and local artists, inviting them to stage the landscapes of Providenza. This week of meetings, based on exchange and surprise, is above all a human experience in which a small community is created, in the middle of nature.

For its fifth and last edition, in 2020, the Simana travels to the future: Providenza 2120. For several weeks, curated by Antoine Viviani and headed by the sci-fi writer Alain Damasio, a fiction is imagined from the future. Performances, sculptures, installations, texts, are revealed on the ground during a scenography course on August 22, before being published in a later work by Antoine Viviani in 2021.

Guest artists: Francesco Cavaliere, Alain Damasio, Francesco Fabris, Liyo Gong, Antonin Hako, Laurel Halo, Hanne Lippard, Juliette Bibasse & Joanie Lemercier, Les femmes plants (Alexia Caamano), Valhalla (collective, Bastia).

An book/object will be published to end the project’s prefiguration cycle and lreflect on those five years of experimental residencies.


From 2016 to 2019, the residency took place over ten days, seven days in the field in the form of a laboratory residency and a weekend of public performances in the village of Pieve and on the site.

The invited artists were chosen by a college of 4 programmers: Fabien Danesi, Julien Colardelle, Antoine Thirion, Antoine Viviani. 25 artists are invited, the majority made up of foreign artists and at least a quarter of Corsican artists.

Each artist must imagine a new piece, which can take the form of a performance, a ritual, a theatrical setting, a concert or a projection, each time having to stage a landscape. different, and remain secret until the last moment. Thus, the landscape is transformed every evening and gives rise to ever different, magical and secret staging: films are projected from one mountain to another, on trees, on water, in clouds, stages are created to house concerts, invented on a roof of ruins, etc.


On the last evening, the participants staged a procession, carrying the cinema screens, from the field to the church of Pieve. The bells rang and the whole village met there, opening an evening of performances, concerts, screenings,  gifts and surprises, before ending in a grand ball.


During the year which follows each edition, a catalog is published, announcing for the first time publicly and backwards the programming of what disappeared during the summer in the landscape.

The first year, Manon Lutanie, Antoine Thirion and Antoine Viviani took charge of this publication, printed by the Stamperia Sammarcelli.



During the second edition, New York photographer Charlotte de Mezamat took on the task of imagining this publication, co-published with Red Lebanese.



Non-exhaustive list of artists and personalities who participated in the residency during the first three editions:

ALAIN DAMASIO, writer, FR – RONE, musician, FR – LAUREL HALO – musician, USA – HANNE LIPPARD, artist, DE – JOANIE LEMERCIER & JULIETTE BIBASSE, artists, FR – ALINE PENITOT, composer, FR – LIYO GONG, editor and DJ , FR – FRANCESCO CAVALIERE, musician, ITA – ALEXIA CAAMANO, artist, FR – THOMAS TEURLAI, artist, FR – PIERRE GAIGNARD, artist, FR – NELSON PERNISCO, artist, FR – EPSILOVE, musician, FR – BEN RUSSELL, director, USA – EMMANUEL GRAS, director, France – ANNA VAZ, director, Brazil – JASMIN BLASCO, multidisciplinary artist, US – LOLA GONZALEZ, artist & performer, France – COSMIC NEMAN, musician & composer, France – LAURIE LASSALLE, director, France – BEN RIVERS , director, UK – FREDERIC D. OBERLAND, musician & photographer, France – SACHA RUDY, musician, France – FRANCOIS OLISLAEGER, cartoonist & comic book author, France – KRISTIN ANNA VALTYSDOTTIR, musician & vocalist, Iceland – MONDKOPF, musician, France – MARIO CALDATO, producer music, US, Brazil – NICOLAS BECKER, sound artist and composer, France – STEFANIA ROSSETTI, choreographer & performer, Italy – HADRIEN LA VAPEUR, director, France – GIULIA GROSSMANN, director, France – PIERRE-ALAIN GIRAUD, director, France – VANNINA BERNARD-LEONI, researcher, Corsica – ANTOINE THIRION, film critic, screenwriter & programmer, France – VINCENT MOON, director & dancer, France, Brazil – YSE LI, conductor, France – SARA RASTEGAR, director, Iran – SIMONE YANG, director, Italy – GASPAR CLAUS, musician, France – NILS BOUAZIZ, distributor, France – DANIEL HUI, director, Singapore – SARAH WIEN SHIAN, musician, Taiwan – ANTOINE VIVIANI, director & musician, Corsica – MATI DIOP, director, Senegal – FABIEN DANESI, art critic & curator, Corsica – THIERRY DE PERETTI, director, Corsica – MELISSA EPAMINONDI, artist & architect, Corsica – PIERRE-EDOUARD DUMORA, musician, France – MANON LUTANIE, editor, France – AURELIE BOIS, illustrator ce, France – AURELIA MORALI, director, France – GABRIELA FRIDRIKSDOTTIR, artist, Iceland – LOUISE HEMON & LAURIE LASSALE, directors, France – ANTOINE COULMEAU, builder & carpenter, France – ALIOCHA, director, France – DIANA SALICETI, singer, Corsica – GHJUVAN FRANCESCU MATTEI, musician, Corsica – LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, musician, UK – MARCEL TURKOWSKI, director, Germany – LAURE LIMONGI, writer, Corsica – FRANCOIS CHARLES, director, Corsica – LAURENCE REYMOND, film critic & producer, France – PRISCILLA TELMILLA TELMON director, France – RAPHAEL HENARD, musician, France – SAVERIA TOMASI, dancer, Corsica – JEAN-BAPTISTE CHIARONI, cowboy, Corsica – LEA TODOROV, director, France – JULIEN COLARDELLE – director & programmer, France, VINCENT ALBERTINI, musician, Corsica – Julia CANARELLI, director, Corsica – Yannick CASANOVA, director, Corsica –



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